Board of Directors

The Southeastern Indiana Regional Planning Commission is composed of 64 members, including seven members from each County, and one non-voting member appointed by the Governor of the State of Indiana. The seven members from each County consist of one County Commissioner, one County Council member, and five representatives from the largest incorporated cities or towns from each County. If there are not five cities or towns, the County Commissioners may appoint the needed number of representatives.

2020 SIRPC Officers:
Mark Vice, President
Raymond Rodmaker, Vice President
Keith Smith, Secretary
Dan Wright, Treasurer

***Governor's Appointee: Currently vacant
Dearborn County Appointees:
County Commissioner - Art Little
County Council - Dennis A. Kraus Sr.
City of Aurora - Guinevere Emery
City of Lawrenceburg - Judy McAdams
Town of Dillsboro - Susan Greco
City of Greendale - Angela Walters
Town of Moores Hill - Raymond Rodmaker
Decatur County Appointees:
County Commissioner - Mark Koors
County Council - John Westhafer
City of Greensburg - Dan Manus
Town of Westport - Richard Smith
Town of St. Paul - Eric Frazier
Town of New Point - Mark S. Vice
Town of Millhousen - Andy Witkemper
Franklin County Appointees:
County Commissioner - Tom Linkel
County Council - Rebecca Oglesby
Town of Oldenburg - William Dramann
Town of Laurel - Vacant
Town of Cedar Grove - Thomas J. Brown
County Appointment - Cindy Orschell
Town of Brookville - Kurt Riedman
Jefferson County Appointees:
County Commissioner - Norbert Schafer
County Council - Heather Foy
City of Madison - Andrew Forrester
Town of Hanover - David Collier
Town of Dupont - Lindsay Bloos
Town of Brooksburg - Vacant
County Appointment - Vacant
Jennings County Appointees:
County Commissioner - Robert Willhite
County Council - Larry Maschino
City of North Vernon - Kathy Ertel
Town of Vernon - Daniel Wright
County Appointment - Gary Driver
County Appointment - John Post
County Appointment - Richard Adrian
Ohio County Appointees:
County Commissioner - Connie Brown
County Council - Ron Spurlock
City of Rising Sun - Brent Bascom
County Appointment - Todd Walton
County Appointment - Lane Siekman
County Appointment - Vacant
County Appointment - Mike Northcutt
Ripley County Appointees:
County Commissioner - Gary Stutler
County Council - Lucinda Dunbar
City of Batesville - Mike Bettice
Town of Milan - John Ingram
Town of Osgood - Tammy Wilhoit
Town of Sunman - Harvey Dobson
Town of Versailles - Kiersten Libby
Shelby County Appointees:
County Commissioner - Chris Ross
County Council - Linda J. Sanders
City of Shelbyville - Adam Rude
Town of Morristown - Larry Tracy
Town of Fairland - Jeremy Miller
County Appointment - Kevin Nigh
County Appointment - Don Parker
Switzerland County Appointees:
County Commissioner - Vacant
County Council - Andy Haskell
Town of Vevay - Keith Smith
Town of Patriot - Vacant
County Appointment - Sarah Brichto
County Appointment - Lary Jones
County Appointment - Barbara Davidson