About Us

As a community and economic development agency, SIRPC continuously works to improve the quality of life within Southeastern Indiana. It is our goal to assist in the development of a diverse and robust economy within our nine-county region through strategic, collaborative efforts and initiatives that best serve the multi interests of our partners and stakeholders.

The Southeastern Indiana Regional Planning Commission was formed to sustain and increase communication and coordination between member governments in the creation of policies and activities for addressing regional issues collaboratively, and providing a forum from which economic and community development can occur. 

Regional Profile

The Southeastern Indiana Regional Planning Commission district is strategically located between Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Louisville metropolitan areas. Rich farmland exists throughout the region on the flat, open land and along the Ohio River bottoms.

The Ohio River is a significant component of the region as it transports commerce, creating accessibility and development to the region. Dearborn, Ohio & Switzerland counties each have a Riverboat Casino that improves economic development and tourism within the region.

Along the Ohio River sits several historic small cities and towns that are popular tourism assets to the region. As one moves north and seats within the region, the terrain varies from some large, hilly ridges to gently flowing terrain, to flat, open farmland.

SIRPC is comprised of nine counties, covering 2,970 miles in southeastern Indiana. Counties service include:

our region map

  • Dearborn
  • Decatur
  • Franklin
  • Jefferson
  • Jennings
  • Ohio
  • Ripley
  • Shelby
  • Switzerland


SIRPC is governed by a Board of Directors, composed of local stakeholders from each county within the region. Board members are appointed by local elected officials. All board members have in common the desire and passion to improve the quality of life in Southeastern Indiana/ These board members include elected leaders, business and development professionals, and interested citizens. Created by Indiana Statute, it is truly a unique organization.

SIRPC retains a professional staff that is available to serve the citizens of the nine-county service area. Along with local partners, our staff is involved in an ever-expanding number of community development and infrastructure development activities.

The SIRPC staff can be found to be involved in anything from disaster recovery efforts to Main Street revitalization, as well as development and implementation projects, including water, wastewater improvement, storm drainage, housing, public facilities, historic preservation, street, and sidewalk improvement, hazard mitigation, public services, river access, transportation, dams, levee, fire protection, and more.