We are a resource for projects aimed to improve road conditions, that involve reclassification, and other transportation planning.

Our technical services team is available to help your organization get the information required to prioritize your project and lead to funding from state programs. 



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Traffic Counts

We conduct a number of Traffic Counts including rural, non-state-owned, and state-owned. However, we have also performed traffic counts for governmental entities, private businesses, and individuals looking to learn more about a prospective area. 

Traffic counts include collected information on the traffic traveling in a specific area. The data is often used for determining transportation needs, performance and to support the development of planning and programming recommendations. It can also be key information required to determine funding eligibility for road construction projects. 

For more information on the data that has been collected, INDOT’s traffic data website is linked below.  We can offer support when accessing the data collection network and help you understand how this information can assist you when researching what the website has to offer. 

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Traffic Studies

SIRPC can perform traffic studies in our region to improve the safety of roadways in targeted areas. Traffic studies can involve monitoring traffic crash patterns throughout an area to help provide insight into ways in which the safety of the road system can be improved. These studies regularly involve information gathering, analyzing crash reports, mapping data to help uncover trends, and reporting the findings. 

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Road Reclassification Application Assistance

Reclassifying a road system helps to evaluate roadway needs and improvement priorities. Funding is based on the Federal-Aid Classification. It’s important that roads are classified as major collectors or above for eligibility for FA3 or FA4. We conduct the research necessary, including generating traffic counts and accident data needed for road reclassifications. 

According to INDOT, federal legislation uses functional classification in determining eligibility for funding under the Federal-aid program. Federal Code and Indiana Department of Transportation require a road to be classified no lower than a Major Collector on the National Highway/Federal Aid System to receive federal funding. Roads that are inaccurately classified by use and traffic patterns can apply to be reclassified by completing INDOT’s Roadway Functional Classification System application. 

Supporting Items We Can Provide:  

  • Letters of support from heads of local department in the city/town and county  
  • Maps showing the existing or current classification of streets 
  • Maps showing proposed reclassification of streets
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